Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Must Have Social Media Management Tools

Are you looking for any software or tool which manage your social media?

Do you have time to manage you social media profiles in such a busy schedule?

Here are the five social media management tools which helps you to manage and monitor your social media activities and over all performance. 

TweetDeck - This social media management tool has bought by twitter later in 2011 It has very nice functionality to track engagement of user with your twitter account. It provides you every information about tweets, interactions, messages, activities, mentions of your twitter profile and track which user has followed and marked your tweet as their favorite. Take a look of the same in the below image.

MarketMeSuite - This social media management tool is similar as like hootsuite, but have some different functionality in scheduling the tweets and messages. It has limitations to add social media profiles to an extent for free account. - This is another tool to manage social media profiles which gives you more functionality to track social media profiles. You can check who has retweeted your tweets, who has mentioned you in their tweets, who has marked your tweets as a favorite, direct messages etc. 

Most important functionality of this tool which I like is "Dripfeed". This functionality allows you to schedule your tweets for whole week according to day of the week and time of the day. 


It also provides you auto thank you and auto follow others feature when you have busy schedule for whole week and don't have time to give acknowledgement to your new followers.

SproutSocial - This is an additional social media management tool which I like the most due to its analytic feature. This tool has various characteristics to manage social media profiles by providing analytical data about how they are performing on web. It provides analytic report and stats of your twitter profile as like new follower, interactions, sent messages and impressions etc. It also gives demographic (gender) stats for social media profiles stats that how many like, unlike, shares and comments you got on your Facebook fan page by demographically, location and many other reports. You can track these reports and stats according to 15, 30, 60 and 90 days and also can export this data in PDF and CSV format. Take look in the images below: - This is basically twitter management tool. It provides you information about relationship (influencers, supporters and engaged members), engagement monitoring with particular term and lead with other twitter users.

I like the engagement monitoring feature of this tools that with which term you engaged with others as like "social" is term common to you and your follower and you or your follower have retweeted, replied or favorite your tweet that is called engagement. It gives you an idea who to follow and unfollow from your twitter profile.

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