Monday, May 27, 2013

How Content Marketing Works with SEO

Content marketing is one of the finest strategies in Internet and online marketing these days. As we all people know very well about Google panda and penguin algorithm updates day-by-day. These algorithm updates are strictly against to duplicate content, over-optimization and spam techniques like cloaking, hidden text, paid links, unnatural linking etc. Content marketing through blogs, articles sites and guest blogging sites is the only trend for today. So I am going to share some suggestions or tips while creating content to share through blogs and articles which is a big concern when it comes to Google. 

Unique Content - As the name signifies unique content mean to say content must n must be fresh. It shouldn’t be copied to anywhere else. This is one of the basic reason for penalizing a website by search engine algorithm update. SEO peoples should take care of these things that if they are using duplicate or already used content to promote a website by sharing it through blogs and articles then don’t think so that nobody looking at you. Search engine is master of you and the keywords which you have used in that duplicate content will never rank in search engine listing. So keep your content unique and fresh every time whenever you are looking to share it. 

Informational Content - The second point comes with "information" which you are trying to share via this content. The article and blog which you are going to post on article and blogging sites should be informational for the peoples who are looking for that particular information, because readers always go through the search engines to find valuable and helpful information in their daily life.

Natural Content – This is another important aspect of content which should be taken care of while creating content. The information or content which you are going to create for products and services of any website must be natural. It shouldn’t be promotional for that particular website for which you are linking back with anchor text. When search engines penalize your website this is the basic concern for that. Have ever seen on "squidoo" and "hubpages" when sometimes you post your content there are try to publish it and then comes with "low quality content" or "promotional content". I have seen the same issue in so content must be in natural sense every time. 

Keyword Density – It is another big concern while doing content marketing via sharing it through articles and web 2.0 sites. Keyword density of article and blog content should be appropriate according to the length of content. Google has released its first version of penguin algorithm update on 24 April 2012 and penalized the websites which has excessive keyword density of web pages and same thing applies to articles and blogs. 2 to 3 percent keyword density of an article is optimal. 

Heading, Subheading, Bullets, Stars - As far as while creating content try to use heading, subheading and bullets because they leave great impression on reader and he/she might get clear ideas about the information which has been shared here. It looks very good in just one sight if you have structured the content with heading, subheading, bullets, arrows and stars instead of lengthy paragraph. 

These are my suggestions and opinions about content which I have shared here. I personally experienced this thing when clients or business owners doesn’t agree with natural content. They just think that by mentioning their website name in content can get higher ranking in search engine results, but they are not very well experienced with internet marketing and search engine algorithms. 

Keep writing great content. 

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