Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To find Blogger Owner/admin

Hello friends How are you? Hope everything is going fine. Today i am going to share some tricks to find out blog owner/admin to contact him/her for any guest posting or advertising purpose. Because somethimes its too difficult to find an admin for a blogger blog. So below are the methods.

  • Author Profile: Its first and foremost method to find out blog owner. Its a gadget where generally a blog owner have some text information ( Blogger or Google+ plus profile ).
  • Contact Us Form - Another method to contact to blog admin is the contact form where we can send message to him/her. 
  • Source Page - This is the final method when all above methods get fail to reach at blogger admin. 
1. Open source page of blog for which you are trying to find by pressing CTRL+U or by pressing right click on web page and go to "view page source".

 2. There you will find below link by pressing CTRL+F. (For my profile only)

        <link rel="me" href=""/>

There may be either blogger or Google profile. Copy that profile link and open it in new tab of browser and that will be the blog owner which you were trying to find.

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