Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to create custom alert reports in Google analytics

Hello friends....!!! How are you all? Hope everything is going well. Today i am not posting any list of websites or directories. I have something different for today. So lets start.... Today i going to post step-by-step procedure to create custom alerts report in Google analytics.

1. Go to your Google analytics account. Select the profile in which you want to create custom alert report.
2. Click on "Home" tab. There you will find an option "intelligence event" in the left navigation bar. Click on overview. After clicking on overview there are two types of alert: 1. Automatic alert 2.Custom alert

3. Go to custom alerts and after that click on manage custom alerts. It will go to following option in the images below.

There is an option to create new alert. Click on it and go to the following form as given in the image below.

Ok lets fill up the form by necessary things. 

1. Alert name - Give a alert name like me pageviews or whatever you choice.
2. Apply to - Its your choice that on how many profiles you want to apply it.
3. Period - There are three options in like daily, weekly, monthly. Its your wish whatever you want to choose.
4. Email or text msg on phone. You can click on check box given for email but phone text msg is available for US peoples. 
5. Alert conditions - this applies to "City" Condition "exact match to" value "city name" OR you can choose according to you.
6. Alert me when "Pageviews" is "greater than" 20. OR you can choose according to your choice. 

7. Click on save and you have done it. 

Now you will get alert on your mail id which you have selected for alerts whenever conditions will get meet. 

Take a look in the image below various custom alerts in my analytics account.

While click on the details it will show your custom alert pop-up window as like below image.

Report will look like this in your Google analytics account.

Hope you will get help from it to create custom alert report for your website or blog.